A Message on the Repercussions of Jealousy “Kaif-e-Baharan”


The gorgeous Aiman Khan has signed for another venture with Geo TV.  A story which will elucidate the matter of how a third person can trick or deceive you by taking your problems for granted and turning your life upside down when you do something contrary to their interests . Such is the story of Seerat (Aiman Khan) and Kamran (Muhammad).

Kamran’s mother, Shaista  (Marina Khan) tries her best to tie his knot with her niece, Farwa.  However life has it’s ironic way of bringing two people supposed to fall in love together. A tragic incident in Kamran’s life sends him into a critical condition and Seerat comes to his rescue. Despite Seerat not revealing her face, Kamran gets wooed by her kind gesture and falls in love with the goodness of her heart.

Seerat is unfortunately already soon-to-be Mrs. Shahnawaz. However, she chooses to part ways with him and gets married to the love of her life, Kamran, who decides to keep their marriage secretive and gets settled with her in a flat, planning to let his mother know about his wife and her pregnancy when things cool down. Tragically enough, Shaista is not accepting of their marriage even after

The real struggles of lovers begin only after marriage. Shahnawaz, turns into Fatima’s worse nightmares and becomes determined to end her marriage. He manipulates the situation and plays a scrupulous game against them by misinforming Kamran that his wife Seerat and son have passed away while making Fatima believe her husband is no more.

Will Kamran and Fatima ever discover the truth? Will they ever be able to make ends meet? We will find out as the story unravels but one thing is for sure, never trust blindly on outsiders! Kaif-e-Baharan , produced by Babar Javed and penned down by Almas-ul-Ain Khalid is airing on 25 Feb, Sunday, 8 pm only on Geo TV.


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