TikTok launches Urdu-language Safety Center in Pakistan


TikTok, the global platform for creating and sharing short videos, has launched a localized Urdu version of its Safety Center in Pakistan. The Safety Center is a one-stop online source that provides access to TikTok’s safety policies, tools, and resources to equip users with product education and protection measures while using the platform.

TikTok provides a platform that inspires creative expression and brings joy to the community that consists of millions of creators around the world. It is important for the platform to provide a safe space where the users can realize their ideas and express themselves freely.

The information portal is divided into several sections that reflect important aspects of safety on the platform, including youth safety and parenting guidelines, anti-bullying, suicide and self-harm policies, and more.

TikTok’s approach to safety spans policies, products, and partners as the platform builds a community where creativity and creative expression can thrive. The Safety Center now offers parents and guardians a look into the safety ecosystem through new videos on how the app approaches safety, Community Guidelines, and resources available to them.

The resource consists of the following sections;

  • Guides to help audiences learn more about TikTok’s approach to safety, privacy, and protection
  • Safety & privacy controls
  • A section dedicated to what efforts the platform is making in important areas: bullying prevention, the topic of suicide and self-harm, COVID-19
  • Safety partners
  • Platform Safety News

In the “Guides” section, users can familiarize themselves with the Community Guidelines and learn about TikTok’s safety principles. The Guardians Guide is a one-stop shop to learn all about TikTok. This includes how to get started on the platform, safety and privacy tools, such as the Family Pairing features, and additional resources to address common online safety questions. It has details about the range of choices and settings TikTok offers to empower parents and caregivers who are looking for easy ways to engage in their teen’s life online.

In the “Safety & privacy controls” section, users can learn how to set up their accounts so that they feel as comfortable and safe as possible on the platform. Users can limit the list of those who can leave comments on their videos, shoot duets with them or send messages.

The “Topics” section is dedicated to the platform’s efforts in important areas such as bullying prevention, COVID-19, suicide and self-harm, and more. The team of moderators promptly responds to content and comments aimed at bullying users. The subsection “Suicide and self-harm” contains information about TikTok’s work to prevent the dissemination of content that promotes actions aimed at calling for suicide or self-harm.

TikTok also collaborates with industry experts and organizations around the world to incorporate their guidance in developing new products and policies and leveraging expertise to educate audiences. The “Platform Safety News” section contains news about the efforts the platform is making to make TikTok an even safer place for its community.


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