Team Sondhi, LACAS, Pakistan Wins the Winter Holidays Open Debating Championship 2017 in Croatia

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LACAS’ Team Sondhi won one of the largest and most competitive international debating tournaments, the Winter Holidays Open 2017, held in Zagreb, Croatia. LACAS selected the top 3 students from their prestigious interschool Sondhi International Debating Championship who went on to beat 96 teams from all over the world to bring home the cup.

The Sondhi International Debating Championship, Pakistan’s oldest debating tournament is now in its 30th year. Every year during this championship, 3 top students are selected, trained, and entirely funded by LACAS to go to a renowned international tournament. Through continuing to host the Sondhi Debates, and sending a Team Sondhi and a Team LACAS to international debating championships, LACAS shows its dedication to co-curricular, particularly the mind-broadening activity of debate.

During the three-day Zagreb tournament Team Sondhi won 5 of 6 preliminary rounds, entering the elimination rounds ranked 4th and with the highest average speaker points of all. They subsequently defeated teams from Croatia, the USA, Sweden and Slovenia. The three speakers from Team Sondhi, Sarem Ahmed Khan Leghari, Wisha Jamal and Asmer Asrar Safi ranked 5th, 6th and 9th, respectively.

Speaking about the victory, Ali Irfan Anwar, Head of LACAS Debate said: “Much credit to my co-coaches and the students, and credit to the school and administration on a wonderful achievement. LACAS and Team Sondhi have made Pakistan proud.”

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