Dawlance Ace Care Glass Lid Washing Machines are Truly Admirable!

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Dawlance is Pakistan’s leading brand of reliable home appliances. Established since 1980, it has entered an international collaboration with Arcelik AS– a global leader in appliances. It currently offers diverse product-lines to perform 3 different functions; Food Care, Fabric Care and Home Care. The appliances manufactured at Dawlance’s 3 factories and distributed through its nationwide retail and service network include; refrigerators, freezers, micro-wave ovens, small kitchen appliances, washing machines and air conditioners.

Arcelik Dawlance conducts extensive research & development efforts to identify the evolving needs of the Pakistani consumers, to enrich its innovative products with the most desired features and energy-efficiency to enhance the consumers’ lifestyle. Continuing with its pursuit for revolutionary products, Dawlance has recently launched a new range of Ace Care Glass Lid washing machines in the country.

DW 9100 G and DW 7500 G are high quality washing machines that boast the most durable, Scratch-proof Glass-lid with glitter texture and all other advanced features sought by the consumers. The Jet-black panel and base is further embellished with a silver-grey cabinet.

The toughened tempered glass with glitter design gives a premium finish and is easy to clean. The lid in the DW 9100 G model has a Soft-Closing feature to ensure a smooth and silent closure. The most distinctive features in Dawlance’s new range of washing machines include; a ‘Deep Waterfall Wash’, a ‘Shower-Rinse’, a novel impeller design and a larger wash cabinet.

The Shower rinse feature is enabled by the specially designed cover of the twin tub, to create a shower effect in the tub, for a better rinsing effect. The water is even able to reach clothes that are clumped towards one side of the basket. After spinning, the detergent is removed thoroughly to leave the fabric in a clean and hygienic condition. The wider impeller has a unique and high-ribbed design to boost the wash process and enhance wash-capacity.

The internal functions operate with a highly advanced user-interface, promising more control over the wash-cycle. It provides a separate drain function, along with a 3-level indicator of Soiling (Dirtiness) to allow a more efficient wash.

Besides the dark and bold outer design of the machines, the high-gloss round knobs add beauty with better grip and usability. The larger cabinet saves the precious time of the users, by allowing them to do more laundry in one go, besides washing larger items like; blanket, duvet (razaai), etc. The innovative box-filter also promises to increase the life of your fabrics.

Produced with 100% virgin plastic with a high gloss, it eliminates all health-hazards, while giving a shiny, clean and smart look. With all these unmatched features, pioneering technologies and aesthetic appeal, Dawlance has surely created a clear differentiation in the market.

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