Cost Effective Renewable Solar Energy Solutions to Power Gilgit Baltistan

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Gilgit Baltistan has suffered through one of the worst power outages in over a decade. Despite being a province rich in natural resources, the 1.5 million population in the province has been facing shortfall of electricity due to lack of long-term planning in the power sector. Especially during the winters, the energy shortfall is dire, and the people of the area face difficulties in carrying out basic activities.

The 72,000 square miles area has the potential to generate more than 50,000 MW of electricity, and this can help in overcoming the energy crisis. Unfortunately, the present electricity generation capacity is unable to fulfil even the requirements of the people of the region.

Currently, the biggest source of electricity generation in Gilgit-Baltistan is hydel power. However, the ministry of water and power needs to make new power policies to utilize other energy resources of Gilgit-Baltistan. For a start, solar based power projects can offer immediate solution to these energy problems.

Solar energy is sustainable and renewable which means that we will never run out of it. Advanced solar panel technology increases efficiency and lowers the cost of production, thus making it even more cost effective.

It is seen that people are hesitant or unable to invest heavily in solar panels and products. This is why recently financial institutions have come up with solar energy solutions in partnership with third parties.

One such example is the recent partnership between Khushhali Bank and Allied Solar, whereby people or organizations can procure solar energy products on easy annual installments. The installments make the products affordable for larger number of people; and is a great initiative to increase the use of solar based power products within the region.

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