Hazim Bangwar Released His Debute Song “Haram”

Press Release
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Hazim Bangwar has released his debut song “Haram” from his upcoming debut album “Playing with fire”. The song is available on all major international platforms such as iTunes, Amazon Music, and Tidal. The Pop/Electronic Dance song certainly lives up to the singer’s promise, as it is brilliantly smart, energetic and exuberant!

The title of the song is “Haram”, because, In order for there to be good, there needs to be bad, the job of a saint is meaningless if there are no sinners, and for that matter “Haram” seemed fitting. 

Hazim Bangwar has lived abroad for most of his life and seen most of the entire world, and if that’s not enough he has worked for and with some of the major international artists. For Hazim, music is a form of artistic expression.

Along with multiple upcoming projects, Hazim Bangwar plans to release and a few songs before he puts out a complete body of work.

Hazim feels that the Pakistani youth wants something new and exciting. We don’t see a lot of our local artists doing anything new and taking chances, and I feel the youth wants something fresh.

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