Leading Pakistani Actress Mehwish Hayat Featured in Hollywood!

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Mehwish Hayat took to her Instagram and finally confirmed a few days before the release of the Disney web series ‘Ms. Marvel’ that she is also a part of the series.

Mehwish Hayat, the leading Pakistani actress to feature in the Disney web series ‘Ms. Marvel’. The announcement was made a few days before the release. The leading actress announced that she is also a part of the web series.

Mehwish Hayat took to Instagram, saying, and “Working on Ms. Marvel and being part of the MCU is a dream come true for me.”

People were speculating that Mehwish Hayat also had a role to play in ‘Ms. Marvel’. Furthermore, she was also present at Ms. Marvel’s premiere.  Thus, many people were wondering if she was part of the series too.

So, at last, Mehwish Hayat broke her silence regarding her role in Ms. Marvel. But no details have been revealed as of now, regarding what kind of character she is in.

On June 5, the Pakistani actress shared videos and photos of the premier on her Instagram. Thus, she confirmed that she was part of the web series by Disney. She said that it was a dream come true and also thanked her fans for their support.

Furthermore, she praised the Marvel team for representing Pakistani characters accurately in ‘Ms. Marvel’.

The central character revolves around Kamala Khan, a girl who belongs to Pakistani origin living in New Jersey.

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