HEC Suggests to Promote Local Drinks LASSI & SATTU Instead of Imported Tea

Press Release
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In the present day scenario, everyone is concerned regarding the downturn of the economy. Realizing how delicate the matter is the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan (HEC) has asked the vice-chancellors (VCs) of several universities to promote sattu and lassi as national drinks of the country. Dr. Shaista Sohail, the acting chairperson of HEC in a circular said that promoting these will “increase employment and generate income for the public”.

In a circular, she asked all the Vice-Chancellors (VCs) to focus on combating the financial downturn faced by the country. She further added, “leadership role and think of innovative ways to provide relief to the lower-income groups and the economy as a whole”.

The following measures were suggested by the chairperson:

  • Instead of importing fossil fuel, focus more on researching alternate sources of energy for cars, motorcycles, busses, trains, etc.
  • Research on the ways to promote local cooking oil rather than increasing imports of edible oil.
  • Healthy drinks like Sattu and Lassi should be promoted as well as local tea plantations. It will help in overcoming unemployment and help in generating the income needed to manufacture them. Hence, our import bills will be reduced considerably in terms of expenditure.

Dr. Shaista Sohail added, “I am sure that the honorable vice-chancellors will be able to innovatively explore many other avenues to create employment, reduce imports and ease the economic situation”.

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