PCB lures Players to Reject Offers from Foreign Leagues

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On Friday, Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) announced central contracts for cricketers, dividing them into two categories. Players will be given the white ball and red ball separate contracts paying them high if they say no to the contracts offered by foreign leagues. PCB is not hesitant in paying extra compensation to ensure their elite players say goodbye to foreign contracts.

Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) says that Rs.15 billion annual budget is announced by the Board of Governors during the meeting for the 2022–2023 fiscal year. Hence, 78% budget will be focused on promoting cricketing activities throughout the country.

Focus more on local matches

Elite and high-performing cricketers would be encouraged, incentivized, and rewarded to drop international league contracts. This will help them to bridge the salary gap compared to their foreign counterparts. Thus, according to a statement by PCB, the changes in men’s central contracts have been approved by the board of governors (BoG).
From July 1, two separate contracts i.e., the white ball and red ball would be available with high retainers. The upcoming central contracts increased room for players from 20 to 33.
Furthermore, Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has also announced that the non-playing members will be charged 70% match fees, which was previously 50%. Throughout all formats of the game, a total of 10% is increased.

PCB Chairman Highlights Importance of Season 2022-2023

Furthermore, if the team captain performs additional duties along with the regular duties, he would be liable for a captaincy stipend.

Ramiz Raja said, “We want to discourage our elite players from signing up for additional off-season events. We feel the players are better off not going to these leagues. We will pay them 50 to 60 percent of the contract amount they are offered where required”.

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The PCB chairman further added, “This is a very important season for us we don’t want our players to be tired or burnt out. We want them to be ready and fresh to go for national duties. Since September 2021, the Pakistan men’s cricket team has achieved an impressive 75 percent success rate across all formats, which is the highest amongst all the Test-playing nations. This has contributed to Pakistan improving its rankings, which now stands at fifth in Tests (up by one), third in ODIs (up by three and the highest since January 2017) and third in T20Is (up by one)”.

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