Can we Recall Phone Numbers by Heart? Actually, we do not

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A study by a US-based company WhistleOut, a consumer-focused website revealed in a recent survey that our memory cannot remember all the phone numbers that are present in our contact list.

Let’s face it we are living in the era of technological advancement. Every day we have a new app on our phone that leaves us in shock seeing the pace the technology is advancing. Take for instance our near and dear mobile phones without which our single day would not pass.

But what about the numbers you have stored in our mobile phone’s sim. Can you recall the phone numbers of our friends and family, particularly our mother or father? In case you are stuck in an unfavorable situation, who would you like to make a call during the emergency, without recognizing the contact with their name but through the numbers allocated to them.

Who would you like to contact when there is an emergency at hand, would you dial your mother’s number or your friend? Regardless of who you call the only way you can contact them is to remember their numbers by heart.

Last year, more or less 1.43 billion smartphones were sold throughout the world. In its survey, the US-based company revealed that the brain can memorize more than a few numbers.

Reason behind forgetting phone numbers

As the advancement in smartphones continues to happen, so does the dependency of people on them. This is the reason why we are unable to restore important information in our brains. A survey was taken by Panda Security in 2020, in which this inability to store information was referred to as “Digital amnesia”. Since smartphone technology continues to advance, it is expected that memorizing important numbers will worsen also.

The survey carried out by WhistleOut revealed the following information:

  • 1 out of 10 people are unable to recall their own number
  • 16% of people are unable to recall or memorize the phone numbers of their parents
  • 17% of people are unable to recall or memorize the phone numbers of their partner and
  • 49% of people can recall or memorize 2-5 phone numbers from their contact list

How to remember Important Phone numbers?

According to a survey by WhistleOut, almost 1 in 3 Americans are unable to remember their emergency contact numbers.

A doctor named Dr. Janet Hurley has written that people should memorize at least two numbers as emergency contacts. Particularly when the phones either get lost or damaged.

Dr. Hurley said, “I challenge you to dial the number by hand for a while until you are sure you have the number memorized. Should you be in an accident in the future where your cellphone is unavailable, you will sure be glad you did.”

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