Zoom has some unlikely competitor in form of Snapchat

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Since the launch of Snap Chat, it has only been made available on mobile. It has been a decade since the company has been operational on mobile, while other competitors’ social media networks are available in mobile apps, PC, and other devices as well. However, on Monday, Snap Chat introduced its web version as well.

This will allow users to switch between computers and phones, giving them freedom. This is done to make sure that their conversation goes on uninterrupted regardless of what the platform may be. At the same time, they would be in competition with the video messaging app, Zoom.

The app has a famous video calling feature, as per the company, besides photos and chats. Furthermore, Snapchat says that the app can handle monthly video calls of 100 million, featuring 15 people each. The company believes that making video calls via desktop will make it more pleasant than that from the PC.

Seems as if Snapchat has taken a page out of Zoom’s playbook, which itself emerged as a unique opportunity for people to connect during pandemic times. However, Snapchat makes sure that it has things different from Zoom. It will be much easier for the users to connect with their friends and initiate via call.

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