Meet Syeda Rida Zainab, The First Pakistani to Translate National Anthem into 50 Different Languages

Despite all the hardships in the country, there are such gems that have made us proud time and again. Syeda Rida Zainab is the first Pakistani to officially translate Pakistan’s National Anthem into 50 different languages.

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Rida Zainab set World record By writing Pakistan National Anthem in 50 Different Languages

Pakistan is earning respect in the world not because of its politicians, but because of its youth. Founder of Pakistan, Qauid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah was hopeful that only the youth steer the nation forward and make the country proud. Over the years, many Pakistanis have accomplished something or the other that has highlighted the name of Pakistan across the borders in a positive way. Meet Syeda Rida Zainab, the first Pakistani to own multiple records under her wings. She is a student in class 9th but at this age, she has accomplished a lot. She is the first Pakistani to set a world record for our beloved homeland, Pakistan, translating the national anthem into 50 different languages.

Who is Rida Zainab?

Syeda Rida Zainab is just another Pakistani like all of us who want to see our national flag rise high above in the global arena. She belongs to Gujranwala and currently studying in class 9th. At a very young age, when people do not have such feelings for the country, it is Syeda Rida who wants to portray a positive image of the homeland. And for this purpose, she has accomplished a record of translating Pakistan’s anthem into 50 global languages. That is not all, as she is also an animal rights activist and has written a book “Paigham e Mahan”. Furthermore, she is also working as a Tran’s rights activist. In short, Syeda Rida has accomplished almost everything that most people cannot even dream of.

Translating National Anthem into 50 different languages

It is a moment of pride to represent our country on an international level. We all know that there is too much propaganda going on against Pakistan across the borders. Our neighboring countries are searching for our negativities and weaknesses to shame us down whenever they see fit. Syeda Rida Zainab breaks the bias against Pakistan by translating its anthem into 50 different languages.

Hafeez Jalandhari is credited as the man behind the creation of the National Anthem of Pakistan. Now, Rida Zainab is the first person to get it acknowledged worldwide by translating it. Originally, the national anthem is in language, and many in Pakistan and across the world do not have sound knowledge of the language. It is because of Rida Zainab, that the Pakistani anthem is getting worldwide ovation and understanding.

Raising Issue of Animal Rights

We already know that Syeda Rida Zainab holds a record for translating the national anthem into different languages. At the same time, she holds another record for writing a book related to animal rights at a very young age. She has strong emotions related to animals and this is what tempted her to write a book called “Paigham e Mahan”. It can be safely said that she not only has strong feelings for her homeland but also for the animals living there. Furthermore, she was also nominated for the Women’s Vigor award.

According to Syeda Rida Zainab, “For creating this record I sacrificed a lot of my time, my nights, a lot of energy, to see my efforts pay off. And yes it would not have been possible without my team, especially the talented writers. Their help, support, and trust helped me to carry on and accomplish the goal”.

“I and my team struggled a lot for making this record. I used to work 6 to 8 hours daily to make this possible. It took me 2.5 months to accomplish the target I was aiming for. I failed many times and thought that I cannot do it. But again it was possible because of my mentor, my inspiration Sania Alamihmd. Furthermore, motivation from my besties also help me a lot to achieve the goal I was aiming for”.

“Sometimes I woke up at 2am and cried of anxiety. I felt tensed about how will I be able to, but I did it and the happiness of holding this is the next level of happiness. So always remember the inspiration of doing something different and huge with motivation. This will help you to achieve your goal together and you can make a huge change in the lives of your loved ones. Sania Alamihmd is my inspiration and motivation who helped me to change my life. What you are waiting for search for great inspiration for you. Listen #Rumiqoutes….and accomplish your motive need”.

“Come on get up work hard. No one can achieve anything while sleeping but just dream like an idiot and do nothing to achieve it. Don’t dream for pleasure dream to accomplish it do hard work to achieve it. Remember your hard work will always make a huge change. Fate is also important but I believe in hard work. Hard work will make your luck your best fate. Come on…wake up. It’s time to work.”

The team of PakScoop would like to appreciate and acknowledge the talents like Syeda Rida Zainab. We would like to congratulate her on accomplishing a huge feat. May she continue accomplishing more records for Pakistan. Recently, the youth of Pakistan is showing that they are not far behind the rest of the world in any capacity. It is just about hard work and sleepless nights to accomplish the goal just as Rida Zainab mentioned.

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