Pakistan Army to Provide Security for Qatar FIFA World Cup

Pakistan will receive $2 billion from Qatar in bilateral support to help ease the South Asian nation's funding crunch and the consequent risk of a default.

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Pakistan Army to Provide Security for Qatar FIFA World Cup

On Monday, the cabinet of the federal government gave its approval for the signing of an agreement between the state of Qatar and the Pakistan Army for the provision of security for the upcoming FIFA World Cup 2022. This will be the mega event that will be held in Qatar, and it is only about ninety days away.

Two members of the federal cabinet have confirmed that a summary of the agreement was on the agenda for the cabinet meeting and that the ministers have given their approval for the agreement to be signed.

The proposal to sign the agreement was brought forward by the Joint Staff Headquarters (JSHQ), and neither the Ministry of Foreign Affairs nor the Directorate General of Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) voiced any opposition to the idea before it was approved by the cabinet.

The summary that was prepared for the cabinet indicates that Qatar will host the FIFA World Cup from the 21st of November to the 18th of December 2022. Also, the government of Qatar has asked for help securing the event and the activities that go along with it.

World Cup Trophy
A view of the World Cup Trophy during an event marking “200 Days To Go” ahead of the 2022 FIFA World Cup, in Doha, Qatar May 6, 2022. REUTERS/Imad Creidi

In the summary, it was stated that the draught agreement had been reviewed by the Law and Justice Division, and that both the Directorate General of the ISI and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs had no objections to it. According to what was written in the document, “The agreement contains modalities for the deployment of troops for security assistance during the FIFA World Cup 2022.” “The purpose of the agreement is to spell out what each party has to do, what their specialties are, and how many security staff Pakistan has to send to take part in the security and safety operations.”

After that, the summary stated as follows: “Approval of the cabinet is solicited for the signing of the agreement of cooperation in the field of security coverage for the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 between the State of Qatar through the Ministry of Interior and the Armed Forces of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, by circulation.” This was in reference to an agreement that would be made between the State of Qatar and the Armed Forces of Pakistan.

The approval from the cabinet came just in time for Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif’s visit to Qatar, which is scheduled for August 23 and 24, (today and tomorrow) at the invitation of Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, the Amir of Qatar. The visit will take place in Qatar. On this trip there, PM Shehbaz will be making his first trip to Qatar since he became Prime Minister in April of this year. During this trip, he will be accompanied by a high-level group that will include key members of the prime minister’s cabinet.

According to the office of the Prime Minister, Shehbaz will hold in-depth consultations with the leadership of Qatar while he is in the country. The two countries will do a full review of all aspects of their relationship, with a focus on expanding cooperation in the energy sector, strengthening trade and investment ties, and looking into the possibility of giving Pakistanis more job opportunities in Qatar.

Additionally, both countries would talk about their perspectives on a variety of regional and global issues that are of mutual interest to them. In addition, the Prime Minister of Pakistan will meet with prominent Qatari and Pakistani business leaders, investors, and entrepreneurs while he is in Doha. In addition, the Prime Minister of Qatar will travel to Doha’s “Stadium 974,” where he will be briefed on the extensive preparations that have been made by the Qatari government in order to host the FIFA World Cup.

According to an official statement, Pakistan and Qatar have “close and cordial fraternal ties,” which are “rooted deep in shared faith, mutual trust and understanding, and close cooperation.” “The relationship is marked by growing collaboration in all fields of bilateral interest as well as close coordination on regional and international issues,” it added. “The relationship is marked by growing collaboration in all fields of bilateral interest.”

Over 200,000 Pakistanis have made Qatar their home, and they are making significant contributions to the political and social advancement as well as the economic growth of the two friendly nations. The statement went on to say that regular exchanges between the two countries top leadership are a defining characteristic of the Pakistan-Qatar partnership. The visit of Prime Minister Shehbaz to Qatar would provide a renewed impetus to deepen the cooperation between the two countries in a variety of fields and further strengthen their growing economic partnership. This would be accomplished by imparting a renewed impetus.

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