Hasan Ali replaces Mohammad Wasim Jr in the Asia Cup 2022

Hasan Ali will make the trip to Dubai in the event that his participation as a replacement is accepted by the Event Technical Committee.

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Hasan Ali replaces Mohammad Wasim Jr). 

Mohammad Wasim Jr. Will not play in the Twenty20 Asia Cup because he has a left-side strain, which has been confirmed by the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB).

During Pakistan’s practice session on Wednesday, he sustained an injury as he was bowling. After being evaluated by the team’s medical staff, the bowler was sent to Dubai for an MRI scan, which ultimately confirmed the diagnosis.

The cricket board announced in a brief statement that the findings were addressed to the PCB Medical Advisory Committee. “The findings were discussed with the PCB Medical Advisory Committee.” It was also requested that an impartial assessment be conducted by an expert physiotherapist.

In the meantime, Hasan Ali has been proposed as a potential replacement for Wasim. This choice is still subject to approval by the Event Technical Committee. As soon as the ETC gives Hasan the green light to play in place of another player, he will immediately depart for the UAE.

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