Google is Experimenting with New Ways to Display Tweets in its Search Results

Google Is Putting Its New 'Popular on Twitter' Feature to the Test Display Area for Tweets Within the Search Results.

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Google is experimenting with new ways to display tweets in its search results
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Google is experimenting with a new way to present tweets on a certain topic within search results, with a ‘Popular on Twitter’ sidebar emphasizing related, trending tweets for specific queries. As seen in this example from SEO expert Shay Harel, a new ‘Popular on Twitter’ panel appears for some location-based search searches, adding more context based on trending tweets.

Tweets have historically been included in search results for celebrities and brands, so this isn’t a significant change in how Google has previously displayed tweet results in SERPs. However, it is intriguing in light of Google’s efforts to incorporate more real-time interaction data into its results, which might make tweets even more valuable and help to generate more tweet engagement from specific search categories.

Google is experimenting with new ways to display tweets in its search results

Tourism-related firms, for example, may want to monitor which Twitter handles are highlighted in this panel in order to understand how this display may affect user response and interaction, while the featured handles may benefit from more exposure, emphasising their Twitter approach.

This is perhaps the most significant consequence from a marketing standpoint if more tweets appear in more locations in Google search, it adds greater SEO focus on actual tweet activity. So, whether you think your target audience is on Twitter or not, they’re almost surely using Google, which could provide another incentive to keep a regular tweet schedule based on what people may find in relevant searches.

There isn’t much information to go on at this point, but it might be worth tracking relevant search traffic and seeing what Twitter results come up.

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