Meghan Spoke about her Efforts to Forgive Britain’s Royal Family

The Duchess of Sussex made headlines in Britain on Tuesday with comments made during an interview with U.S. magazine The Cut.

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Meghan Spoke about her Efforts to Forgive Britain's Royal Family

Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex, claims that while they were in the UK, Prince Harry and they “upset the dynamic of the hierarchy just by existing.” Tuesday’s comments made by the former actress during an interview with American magazine The Cut made headlines in Britain. When asked if there was an opportunity for forgiveness between her, the British royal family, and her own family in the interview that was made public on Monday, the duchess replied that it was difficult to “forgive.” She also brought up Harry’s tense relationship with Prince Charles, his father.

Forgiveness, in my opinion, is crucial. Not forgiving someone requires a lot more effort “She spoke. “But forgiving someone requires a lot of work. Considering that I have the freedom to speak whatever, I have truly made an effort.” Since they stepped down from their royal responsibilities and left the U.K. in early 2020, Meghan, 41, and Harry, 37, have had a tense relationship with the British royal family, citing what they claimed were the intolerable intrusions and racist attitudes of the British media.

They have openly expressed their displeasure with the royal family since relocating to California, where they are now ensconced with their two young children. Meghan revealed shocking information in an interview with Oprah Winfrey last year.

“Harry said to me, ‘I lost my dad in this process.’ It doesn’t have to be the same for them as it was for me, but that’s his decision,” she told the magazine. A spokeswoman for Meghan later clarified that the duchess was referring to losing her own estranged father, Thomas Markle, and saying that she hopes this does not happen to Harry and his father.

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The couple have signed deals with Spotify and Netflix, and the first offering, a podcast featuring Meghan as a host in conversation with celebrities, has just launched. The Cut, a division of New York Magazine, reported that when the duchess was questioned about Meghan’s privacy lawsuit against a British tabloid, she discussed the awful effects of “toxic tabloid culture” on both her and Harry’s families. “I lost my dad in this process, Harry told me. Although he makes the decision, it doesn’t have to be the same for them as it was for me “she informed the publication.

Later, a spokesperson for Meghan clarified that the duchess was talking about losing her own father, Thomas Markle, and expressing her wish that Harry and his father do not experience the same fate. The couple has agreements with Spotify and Netflix, and their first product, a podcast with Meghan as the host talking to famous people, just debuted.

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