Belgium Recorded the first Monkeypox Death

According to the weekly report on the outbreak from the Sciensano public health institute, monkeypox has killed its first person in Belgium. This is the third monkeypox death in Europe.

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Belgium has recorded the first monkeypox death

The World Health Organization says that Europe and the United States are where the disease is spreading the most. There have been 50,496 cases of the disease and 16 deaths around the world. On July 24, the WHO sent out its highest level of alert and said that monkeypox and COVID-19 were a worldwide public health emergency.

Cases in Belgium, as in other countries, have been prevalent among men who have had intercourse with men. At the end of August, the country of 11.5 million people had recorded 706 cases, 32 of them requiring hospitalization.

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According to the Sciensano report, Belgium’s first death was a monkeypox patient with “underlying medical issues.” The condition causes painful and scarring lesions on the face, anus, and genitals.

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