Pakistan’s Youngest Special Peace Award Winning Author – Anila Talib

Anila Talib is ideal for young girls. She started writing at an early age and overcame all the difficulties that came her way during her career then came the day when Anila Talib jointly won the Special Peace Award 2021 from 61 countries.

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  • Anila Talib is the first young writer from 61 countries
  • She won the Special Peace Award and raised the name of the country with pride.
  • Anila Talib has married fifty girls.
  • Anila Talib from the Philippines, International Women's Pride 2022, is the first Pakistani to receive

Anila Talib is an award-winning writer from 61 countries. She belongs to a village in the district of Gujranwala. In her area, there was no education for girls. It was a backward area whose people were deprived of basic rights.

Anila Talib not only got her own education but also started a private school for girls under the supervision of her father, named Rezai Mustafa Middle School, which she ran for five years by giving free books, stationery, and uniforms, not from her school. Not only her village but the surrounding villages also benefited, and she was able to successfully educate 2500 girls.

More than 300 people received free eye surgeries under his supervision, and he continued to provide the services of a doctor in his area for a fee of only five rupees every Sunday evening for five years. Under the direction of Standard Treatment Dispensary, Anila Talib gave two lakh rupees worth of medicine to her dispensary.

Read the book, listen to life, launched a project in which 50 thousand people received free digital books, from which underprivileged students learned a lot. She started giving lectures on ethics at the age of 10, the number of which has reached 1,000. She kept her doors open for the poor of her area and freed them from mental restrictions by giving free counseling to 250 to 3000 sick divorced women.

She provided a platform for writers and published the writings of eight hundred and sixty girls in newspapers, giving free services, and published a digital magazine called Zuriz Magazine, in which the writings of new writers are published.

Above all, Anila Talib has done everything to prevent cruelty to birds and animals in his area. Save the animals. The campaign started and so far more than two hundred injured animals have been treated. Their aim is the education of girls. That’s why they have not only given education to girls with fewer resources but also conducted free online courses to give them skills.

In which more than 1000 girls have taken many courses, including sewing, cooking, arts and crafts, beauty, Quran, and spirituality, which are also provided with free digital certificates. She thought of disposing of plastic to control environmental pollution and made five hundred bird feeders from plastic bottles in Gujranwala, Mansehra, Gujarat Chakwal and Lahore.

It was attached to the trees for bird food, and thousands of birds benefited from the water and grain in the hot summer. She has given free religious and moral education to more than five thousand girls so far. In the future, they want to establish a quality free school for the two million children of Pakistan. In the area where the existence of a daughter was considered a punishment, now, because of Anila Talib’s achievements and courage, daughters are considered a blessing. When Anila Talib

She said while talking to the media when he received the merit award from the royal family of Indonesia. In the eyes of some, my world record is an achievement. In the eyes of others, my winning the International Peace Award is an achievement. But the biggest achievement for me is that the society that always told us things about having three sisters, the same people admitted in their own language that they wanted daughters like Anila. This victory is not only mine but also the victory of every girl who is stuck in the traditions of an oppressive society but still wants to make her own world, no matter what the times are.

She set a world record by writing ninety poems on Asma Al-Hasani, keeping in view the meanings of each name of Allah and putting the name in the International Book of Achievements.

Anila Tallib - ninety poems on Asma Al-Hasani

Anila Talib has received top awards from many countries, including the USA, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Morocco, Italy, and Indonesia. Anila Talib for her outstanding performance in a 15-second video contest on the subject of peace. The Indonesian royal family gave Anila Talib the Merit Award and the title of Princess. She is the first young Pakistani to get this honor.

At the age of seventeen, Anila Talib created a project called Light for All, for which she was praised by the Princess of Africa. Under her patronage, she appointed a director of the Pakistani chapter, under which Anila does social work and takes steps to train young girls.

Anila Talib Foundation

This Foundation was created by Anila Talib, under which more than 500 girls have so far received free education in the Holy Quran. She has taken various free courses to become skilled.

Plans to adorn a thousand orphans and plant a thousand plants, as well as keep a grain of water for a thousand birds. We are on our way to our destination as this year’s target. Anila Talib wants to create a centre for free, quality education for the 4.2 million orphans in Pakistan as well.

Sira-ul-Nabi Kids Sessions have been organised by her foundation under the auspices of which children from backward areas are introduced to various aspects of Sira-ul-Nabi (PBUH). So far, this sacred work has been done in eight backward areas.

Anila Talib’s plans are to send a message of peace to people all over the world, regardless of race, and to polish people’s hidden talents. So far, Anila has Hundreds of rural women who have been offered various free skills courses.

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