PEMRA Takes BOL News off the Air

Media watchdog says both channels would not be allowed to go on air without security clearance from Interior Ministry.

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PEMRA takes Bol News off the air
BOL Tv - BOL Media Network Head Office, Karachi| Croozi
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On Monday, the Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) ordered the deactivation of private TV networks Bol News and Bol Entertainment. Pemra said that the Sindh court decided the case in 2021. In that decision, Pemra said that if the Ministry of Interior doesn’t give security clearance, Pemra will stop the stations from broadcasting.

Pemra said that after looking at the court’s decision and the Ministry of Interior’s, Bol News and Bol Entertainment could no longer be broadcast right away.

According to the regulator, Bol Entertainment’s licence expired last year after a 15-year period, but the company did not apply for renewal.  Bol’s president and managing director, Sami Abrahim, verified the news.  PTI chief Imran Khan tweeted that the channel had been barred from covering the party.

“(This is a) message to all media outlets to exclude the largest and most popular national political party from mainstream media coverage.” ” Unacceptable.” This isn’t the first time the channel has vanished from the screen of a television.

PTI chief Shireen Mazari pointed out last month that the station was not available on cable TV. “So now Bol is off the air, including on Nayatel.” Shameful. On August 21, she tweeted, “Seems we’re going to have to shift almost entirely to YouTube, with both Ary and Bol only viewable there!”

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