Jimin offers Jin to cook for him when a fan suggests Biryani

BTS Jin and Jimin had a humorous WeVerse interaction after Jimin inadvertently ignored the vocalist's comments on his post

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BTS Jimin
BTS' Jimin responds to a fan's proposal to eat biryani

BTS’s Jimin paid a rare visit to WeVerse after what seemed like an eternity for ARMY. Nonetheless, the singer listened to countless messages and fan requests and kept the phone ringing for quite some time. Desi Army was thrilled to learn that he knew about Biryani in addition to making food ideas.

“You should try Biryani; it tastes really nice!” one admirer suggested to Jimin. “Oh, I see it’s Indian food,” Jimin replied. Meanwhile, the vocalist received a friendly reprimand from bandmate Jin, and the two had an amusing exchange on waivers. “I wish someone could make dinner for me; it’s so difficult to clean up after,” Jimin wrote. “Should I cook it for you?” Jin replied helpfully. Jimin somehow missed the comments and kept chatting, prompting Jin to respond, “Why are you disregarding my comments?” “I just saw it now, Hyung (brother),” Jimin replied. Jin, being Jin, didn’t hesitate to play the big brother card, writing, “If you apologize now, I’ll let you go.”

Jin has been the topic of considerable debate on social media recently, as the eldest vocalist has been on a fruit delivery frenzy. Jin earned the title of ARMY’s “fruit fairy” after gatecrashing Jungkook’s birthday live and placing grapes on his bunny birthday cake. Jin also visited J-Hope and offered him grapes. My J-Hope proudly captioned the photo, “My eldest brother cultivated it himself and brought it from the countryside.” Jin and J-Hope had a lunch date, albeit Jin was skeptical that J-Hope had made the fried octopus. “J-Hope made (purchased) fried octopus.” If you didn’t know who Jin was, his Instagram profile would be confusing, as it goes from tennis rallies to him cooking or just hanging out with a life-sized Pikachu, with photographs of him during his concerts interspersed.

BTS will perform at the Busan Expo concert, much to the delight of fans. Aside from that, the band members have been surprising ARMY with new singles, most recently RM’s single Sexy Nukim, a duet with Balming Tiger.

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