NEPRA lowers K-Electric Rates by Rs4.11 per unit

It will reflect in the September bills!

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The fuel charge adjustment (FCA) for July 2022 caused Nepra to lower the price of electricity by Rs4.11 per unit, according to a notice that was sent out. The approved rate will be shown separately on consumers’ electricity bills in July 2022, based on how many units they use.

The new prices will show up on bills for the month of September. The KE customers who are on a lifeline will not be affected by the drop in price per unit.

This week, the NEPRA said that power companies could charge their customers an extra Rs3.39 per unit. The approval came after a public hearing on the quarterly fuel cost adjustment, which was led by Chairman Nepra Tauseef H. Farooqui.

The power companies wanted to raise the price of electricity by Rs 3.39 per unit for the April-June quarter.

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