Delhi High Court Orders Amazon India to erase Pakistani Rooh Afza

After the Indian Company that made Rooh Afza, Hamdard National Foundation, complained that Pakistan-made Rooh Afza was being sold in India through Amazon, the Delhi High Court told Amazon to remove the listings.

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High Court orders Amazon India to erase Pakistani Rooh Afza
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Since more than 100 years ago, Indians have been drinking Rooh Afza, a well-known drink. The court was shocked that its imported version was being sold on Amazon without any information about the manufacturer.

On Wednesday, Justice Prathiba M. Singh told Amazon to take down “listings of ‘Rooh Afza’ products that don’t follow the law” within 48 hours.

Hakim Hafiz Abdul Majeed was the first person to bring Rooh Afza to Delhi more than a hundred years ago. Hakim’s older son moved to India after the partition, while his younger son went to Pakistan.

In India, the drink is made by Hamdard Laboratories (Waqf), but the rights to it belong to Hamdard National Foundation. Last year, the Hamdard National Foundation found out that some merchants were also selling Rooh Afza. As a result, some of those merchants were notified.

Later, it was found out that the Rooh Afza bottles being sold in India on Amazon were actually made in Pakistan, which is against the law.

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