Aima Baig Exposed while Cheating on Shahbaz Shigri by British Model

A British Model has leveled allegations of infidelity against Aima Baig, claiming that she cheated on Shahbaz Shigri.

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Aima Baig accused of cheating on Shahbaz Shigri
Aima Baig accused of cheating on Shahbaz Shigri.

Aima Baig is now the most well-known female playback singer in Pakistan. She is in charge of movie songs, concert scenes, and original soundtracks. On the other hand, Aima is often in the news because of different fights and her personal life. She was in the news recently because her engagement with Shahbaz Shigri ended.

Aima recently sent a message to her fans confirming that they had broken up and asking them to stop sending her “sorry” texts: There was trouble in paradise, and people have been guessing about the split for a long time since Aima took down pictures of herself with Shahbaz Shigri, and he stayed mostly quiet during the whole thing.

Things have gotten worse since Taloulah Mair, a British model, said bad things about Aima Baig. In her video, she went on a rant about Aima, calling her “one of the most famous women in Pakistan.”

Taloulah Mair - Chat

Taloulah Mair says that she dated Pakistani “filmmaker” Qes Ahmed, who not only stole $10,000 from her but also cheated on her with Aima Baig. Taloulah said that Qes told her he was dating “one of the most famous women in Pakistan” while bragging about cheating on her. Taloulah also said that Aima had bought a house in Dubai for Qes to live in. And all of this was going on while she was getting ready to marry Shahbaz Shigri.

Taloulah also told Shahbaz Shigri about this and showed him a screenshot of the chat as proof that this happened when Aima was engaged.

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