Feroz Khan Acknowledges Divorce, Ex-Wife Makes Serious Claims

The divorce between the famous actor in Pakistan's showbiz industry Feroze Khan and his wife Syeda Aliza Sultan has been officially confirmed.

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Feroz Khan Acknowledges Divorce, Ex-Wife Makes Serious Claims

The actor and his ex-wife made it official by posting on their social media accounts that they were no longer together. Aliza Sultan also made very serious claims that Feroze Khan tortured her both mentally and physically.

The formal hearing of Feroze Khan and his ex-child wife’s custody case started in court. The court also told Feroze Khan that he can’t visit the children without permission.

In a statement posted on Instagram and Twitter, Feroze Khan said, “As a law-abiding citizen of Pakistan, I have full faith in the justice of the Court. Our divorce was finalised on September 3, 2022. On September 19, 2022, I filed a family law case in the 8th Family Judge District in East Karachi, asking for custody and visitation rights for my children Sultan and Fatima.

“Today, September 21, 2022, the Court listened to both sides and let me spend half an hour with my kids Sultan and Fatima in his presence.”

“The Court then put the case on hold until October 1, 2022. On that date, it will start new proceedings about my visitation rights so I can keep seeing my kids. As for my ex-wife, who is the mother of my children, I will show her respect and support. I’m sorry, but I can’t talk about this anymore because the case is still before the Court.”

On the other hand, in a statement she posted on Instagram, Syeda Aliza Sultan made serious accusations against Feroze Khan. She said, “Our four-year marriage was complete chaos. During this time, my husband constantly hurt me physically and emotionally and also cheated on me, blackmailed me, and treated me badly. After giving it a lot of thought, I’ve come to the sad conclusion that I can’t live my whole life in this terrible way.”

“The happiness and safety of my children were a big part of why I made this choice. I don’t want them to grow up in a house that is dangerous, unhealthy, and violent. I’m afraid that being in such a hostile environment would hurt their mental growth and way of thinking about life. No child should ever have to grow up thinking that violence in relationships is normal. I’d rather teach them that no wound is too deep to heal and no scar is too embarrassing to hide, even if it means risking one’s safety.

Feroze Khan, an actor, met his children yesterday in the court of Family Judge East.

On the occasion of the hearing, the petitioner Feroz Khan appeared with his lawyer and SHO Gulistan Johar and Aliza appeared in the court along with their children.

During the hearing, Feroze Khan’s ex-wife said that he had tortured her. Feroze Khan used to hurt her, she said. “Every day, when people in the neighborhood heard shouting, they would get together. On her insistence, her son Sultan was put into a school in the Defense area a month ago. I was sent home, I now live in Gulistan-e-Johar so how can I take the child to school in the Defence area every day.”

Khan rejected all the allegations of his ex-wife, he said that he is paying the expenses of the children. He said that he admitted the child to school but his ex-wife was not sending him to school and it is his right to meet the children and no one can take away this right.”

Later, a written order was issued by the court, in which it is said that Aliza’s lawyer has been provided with copies of the application and other documents.

The father has also been met, so the petitioner’s request to produce the children through the SHO has become ineffective. The court disposed of the request to produce the children through the SHO and adjourned the further hearing of the case till October 1.

The court directed Aliza to submit her reply at the next hearing in which the date and time of the meeting with the children should be determined. The court said that Aliza should give a response first and then it would be decided.

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