Pakistani ‘Ken Doll’ Responds to Dananeer’s lip-plumping Hacks

Ken Doll aka Adnan Zafar has a very passionate and informative take on lip-plumping hacks. He criticized the used of chili flakes on lips and slammed the bizarre beauty ritual.

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Pakistani 'Ken Doll' Responds to Dananeer's lip-plumping Hacks
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The ‘Pawri’ girl Dananeer Mobeen rose to prominence with her hilarious viral video and now after coming into the limelight, she is being praised for her acting debut. Dananeer Mobeen got a lot of attention after her funny viral video went viral. Now that she is well-known, her acting debut is being praised.

Because she is famous, the Sinf e Aahan star has a huge number of fans and helps make many beauty trends popular. This time, she used the trick to make her lips look fuller. Many people are not impressed, like Adnan Zafar and Mathira.

Ken Doll, whose real name is Adnan Zafar, has a very passionate and helpful take on how to get fuller lips. He thought it was weird that people put chili flakes on their lips and said it was a bad idea.

Mathira also said something about the situation: “Omg, wow, why would anyone tell someone to put chili on their lips? Please, everything on Google Baba isn’t always right and okay for everyone. Some people have very sensitive skin.”

A Pakistani social media influencer named Zafar has used plastic surgery and other self-improvement methods to make himself look like the popular Ken Doll figure. Zafar isn’t shy about going under the knife, and he feels good about showing off his successful surgeries.

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