A Journalist was Robbed at Gunpoint in Karachi

Four armed men looted cash and other valuables from a journalist at gunpoint when he was out on an assignment in Karachi’s Federal B area, the police said on Monday.

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A Journalist was Robbed at Gunpoint in Karachi

In a video circulating on social media, local journalist Tanveer Ahmed can be seen in a visibly distressed state, who said that the bandits had taken away equipment worth Rs 5 lakh, including cameras, lenses, and mobile phones. Including other items.

Tanveer Ahmed said in an emotional way that ‘we came here to cover the food court and the equipment used during the shooting was also there, in such a situation 4 armed men came on 2 motorcycles and took away our goods at gunpoint.

He said that a police mobile passed by us at the same time we called many times, but they did not stop.

The journalist said that the robbers stole all the necessary equipment from the team attached to a TV channel and ran away.

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