Did these Celebs Repeat HUM Awards Outfits?

People on social media notice that Hania and Mahira's outfits are similar.

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Hania and Mahira'
Hania and Mahira'

The 8th Hum Awards, held in Canada, were still the main event, but social media users quickly noticed that two Pakistani actors wore the same clothes they had worn before.

Both male and female actors performed and wowed the crowd at the award show.

But when clips of the show started showing up on social media before it aired, some viewers noticed that Hania Amir and Mahira Khan seemed to be wearing old clothes.

Here are the acts they did at the most recent event:

Can you spot some similarities? Yes, we did too.

The front of Hania Amir’s outfit was a little different, but Mahira Khan just wore the same dress in blue colour.

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