Dollar Declines, The Value of the Rupee Increased by Another Rs.3

A significant decrease in the value of the US dollar in 2 days in interbank by 5.65 rupees,

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Dollar vs Rupee

On Tuesday, the dollar price decreased by 3 rupees to 2 paise in the interbank market. The US dollar rose to Rs 234 in the interbank market.

On the other hand, the dollar has become cheaper by four and a half rupees in the open market today, after which the dollar’s value has now come down to 233 rupees and 50 paise.

On Monday, the greenback closed the day at Rs237.02 after losing Rs2.57 against the Pakistani currency.

The value of the US dollar has significantly decreased by 5.65 rupees in the interbank market in 2 days, while the dollar has become cheaper by 12 and a half rupees in the open currency market in 3 days.

Currency dealers say the rupee’s appreciation has been supported by a $500 million reduction in the current account deficit.

According to the statement issued by the State Bank, during the last week (September 9 to 15), the foreign exchange reserves in the Central Bank decreased by 176 million dollars.

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