Famous TikToker Hareem Shah Approached SHC to Avoid Pre Arrest

Tiktok controversy queen Hareem Shah is returning to Pakistan on October 3 but she fears that the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) might arrest her upon arrival. Currently, she is vacationing in Malaysia.

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Famous TikToker Hareem Shah Approached SHC to Avoid Arrest

TikToker Hareem Shah approached the Sindh High Court to stop FIA from returning home and arresting her. The court remarked that FIA could not be prevented from investigating Hareem Shah, but if Hareem Shah wants to she can avoid arrest on her return home. There has been progressed in the FIA ​​investigation against TikTok star Harim Shah in the Sindh High Court.

Hareem Shah expressed her desire to return home after a long time and approached the court to stop her from being arrested on her return home. Hareem Shah’s lawyer told the court that her client wants to surrender before the FIA ​​and is scheduled to come home on October 3, so she should be prevented from being arrested.

The court inquired whether a case had been registered against Hareem Shah, the lawyer told the court that no case had been registered against Hareem Shah, and the FIA ​​had called for an inquiry.

The court said that when the case has not been registered, how can they stop the arrest? The lawyer told the court that there was a fear that the FIA ​​would arrest Hareem Shah on his return home.

Justice KK Agha of the High Court remarked to stop playing games with the court, the Sindh High Court had given protection to the petitioner earlier, but the petitioner took the unfair advantage and used the court order.

Justice KK Agha further inquired that this was the same lady who had revealed the money and claimed money laundering. The court remarked that the FIA ​​could not be stopped from investigating Hareem Shah.

The court further said that the petitioner Harim Shah could approach the court to avoid arrest upon returning home. Alleged money laundering case. FIA had written to the banks at the end of January 2022 to freeze the bank accounts of Faza Hussain alias Harim Shah. TikTok has two versions in Lahore and Karachi.

The reason for the letter was the video uploaded by Hareem Shah on social media showing huge foreign currency and claiming that she took this money from Pakistan to London. Hareem Shah said I reached London comfortably with such a massive amount of money, but no one stopped me. Pakistani currency has no value, even if it is in the millions.

Hareem Shah on social media showing huge foreign currency

After the video went viral, the FIA ​​had written a letter to freeze the accounts of Hareem Shah, who started an investigation against the London-based TikToker, who said that the money-laundering video was made as a joke and admitted his mistake, not knowing the FIA. What is their grudge against me? What right do they have to give my documents to the media? If they want to freeze my accounts, they must provide evidence. I will go to Pakistan and prepare to cooperate with Harare.

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