6 Things Every Parent Should Know About TikTok’s Family Pairing Features

TikTok understands the importance of digital safety, which is why it encourages parents to link their TikTok accounts with their children so as to keep them safe and make their experience on the platform even better.

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#FamilyFirst: TikTok Reinforces Commitment to Safety with its Family Pairing Feature
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Online experiences can be harmful, especially for minors, who are more prone to all forms of threats on the internet. It is not surprising that parents are now concerned about what their kids are watching on the internet, who they are connecting with or talking to, what they are searching for, or how much time are they spending on it.

And while it is a cumbersome task to keep a track of your children’s activities on the internet, the popular short-video making platform – TikTok has made the lives of parents a little easier by offering them the ‘Family Pairing’ feature.

What’s the Family Pairing Feature?

The feature allows parents to link their TikTok accounts with their children’s and helps them exercise control over their online activities on the short-video making platform. The feature is a great way to monitor the experience of children, ensuring their digital safety at all times. Here are six things you should know about this feature:

Screen Time

If the children’s screen time is something that bothers you the most, rest assured, you can now control it on TikTok using the Family Pairing feature. TikTok empowers parents to set the screen time for their children using their own accounts. The setting will apply to all the devices even if your child has multiple devices logged in with the same account.

Restricted Mode

Further empowering the parents, TikTok lets them choose as to what their children could watch on the app. To put it simply, if the parents deem some content to be inappropriate for their children, they can restrict its access on their kids’ TikTok accounts.

Parents can decide whether their children could search videos, hashtags, sounds, people, or content, thus giving them more control over their children’s TikTok accounts.

Direct Messages

While Direct Messages are already disabled for TikTok account holders aged between 13-15 years, parents can completely turn off the Direct Message option or restrict its access for their teenagers aged 16 and older. The feature ensures that your children are not interacting with strangers and helps you keep them safe.

Liked Videos and Comments

Parents can also choose who could watch the videos their teens liked. And they could also choose who could comment on their teen’s videos. The feature does not only enhance the experience of teenagers, but also gives a sense of relief to the parents who are, otherwise, usually worried as to what their children might be doing on the internet.

Discoverability and Suggestions

To give you total control over your teenagers TikTok account to make their online experience safe, TikTok allows you to choose whether your teenagers account is set to public or private. You also have the option to control whether children’s TikTok accounts should be recommended to others or not.

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