The ‘Biophilic’ 51 Story, 80,000 Tree Structure in Singapore

The building is privately owned by real estate giants CapitaLand and Mitsubishi Estate, with the investment bank J.P. Morgan among its corporate tenants.

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The 'Biophilic' 51 Story, 80,000 Tree Structure in Singapore

The CapitaSpring Tower in Singapore has a spiral park with plants and trees hundreds of feet above the ground. People were walking by and people working in the office could enjoy the view of the tropical plants, also called the “four stories of Green Oasis.”

The skyscraper is now one of the tallest buildings in the country, standing at 919 feet. That’s not the case. On the tower’s top floor, above the Oasis, there are many rooftop farms where people can walk around and buy fruits, vegetables, and other things. There are also three restaurants there.

The building's public "Green Oasis" occupies floors 17 through 20
The building’s public “Green Oasis” occupies floors 17 through 20

An urban farmer told that the garden makes nearly 100 kg of staples and commodities monthly. There are more than 80,000 trees and plants on the 51 floors of the building. Danish company Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG) said that most plant species are native to the country.

In 2018, CapitaSpring was called “biophilic,” a popular word for describing how nature is brought into urban areas. BIG and Carlo Ratti Associati worked together to design the tower. The design “mimics the plant hierarchy of tropical rainforests.”

The design features 90,000 square feet of landscaped areas.

The founder said that the vertical design was because of how Singapore is built. The Parkroyal Collection Pickering hotel is not far from CapitaSpring. It has 160,000 square feet of green space. Another hotel to its south is becoming greener than it was before.

Some companies in Singapore, a small country with a population of six million, are required by law to keep certain areas green. The country has been called a “garden city” by the government for a long time.

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