Pakistani Citizen Arrested for Breaking Turkish Law

A Pakistani man was arrested in Turkey on October 17, 2022, for carrying chalia and betel leaves without knowing it was against the law.

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Pakistani citizen arrested for breaking Turkish law

A foreign news agency says that Lahore resident Muhammad Owais was sent to Turkey by his company because he did a good job. But Mohammad Owais also brought along two packets of betel nuts as a gift for his tour guide. But when Muhammad Owais got to Turkey, the police arrested him for bringing two packages of betel nuts.

He was taken to court and put in jail. It’s important to know that both chalia and betel nuts are on the list of drugs in Turkish law.

Hamad Owais’s brother says no one told him about this, and neither the Pakistani customs officials nor anyone else did.

My brother has an evil heart and is the only one in his family who brings in money. The Turkish government says that a test for blisters and supari will be done, and the results will be ready in 6 months. Mohammad Owais will stay in jail, though.

While Muhammad Owais’s brother says that, even though he doesn’t have the money, he has given lakhs of rupees to 2 lawyers to help get his brother out of jail. He asked Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif to help him get Muhammad Owais out of jail. But the sources say it’s not likely that Muhammad Owais will be freed soon.

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