I Lost my Husband, Best Friend and Favourite Journalist: Javeria Siddique

Arshad Sharif a journalist and news anchor was shot and killed in Kenya on Monday Morning.

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I Lost my Husband, Best Friend and Favourite Journalist: Javeria Siddique

Arshad Sharif, a journalist and news anchor, was shot and killed in Kenya, his wife, Javeria Siddique, said on Monday morning. In her tweet, she said, “I lost my best friend, my husband, and my favourite journalist Arshad today. He was shot, according to the police, in Kenya. Please respect our privacy and don’t share pictures of our family, personal information, or his last pictures from the hospital. Please say a prayer for us.”

Not yet known are the reasons why he was killed. Asim Iftikhar, a spokesman for the Foreign Office, said that the Pakistani High Commission in Kenya was getting information from the government. President Arif Alvi told the family of Arshad Sharif that he was sorry for their loss.

After his death, the Sharif family also heard from Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif, political leaders, and the Journalists fraternity. Kashif Abbasi, a journalist and news anchor, tweeted, “This is just wrong. “Oh, this hurts!”

Mazhar Abbas, a senior journalist, asked the International Federation of Journalists Asia and the Committee to Protect Journalists to form a “Fact-Finding Mission” to look into the death of Arshad Sharif. He also said that this one should not be forgotten, unlike many other murders of journalists.

“Unbelievable. May Allah give Arshad Sharif’s soul peace. Ameen,” journalist Hamid Mir tweeted. In August, Arshad Sharif was in the news when police arrested several ARY News reporters after PTI leader Shahbaz Gill said something controversial about the military during a live phone-in on TV. Gill was arrested and charged with making the military staff want to rebel.

However, other ARY News journalists were named in the FIR against the TV, but Arshad Sharif had already left Pakistan. A few days after he left, ARY News said in a statement that it was breaking up with Sharif. As soon as he left Pakistan, Arshad Sharif was seen in London. It wasn’t clear right away why he was in Nairobi.

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