Punjab Police Arrest TikToker for Showing Weapons

Police arrested a tiktoker in Lahore's Mughalpura neighborhood, as gun laws prohibit the public display of weapons.

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Punjab Police Arrest TikToker for Showing Weapons
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The Punjab police arrested a man in Lahore’s Mughalpura neighborhood on Thursday because he posted videos on the popular video-sharing app TikTok showing off his weapons.

Details show that the suspect put up a video on TikTok where he showed off his muscles in public. After the video went viral on an app for sharing videos, the police caught the person who made it.

Gun laws say that showing guns off in public is against the law and could get you up to seven years in prison. A police officer named TikToker was once held after a video of him shooting from the air in Karachi went viral on social media.

Details show that a police officer from the FB Industrial Area shot from above near the Nazimabad Police Quarters and filmed it for a TikTok video. The police officer said that the video of his aerial fire was made six months ago, but it just recently got a lot of attention, which led to his arrest.

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