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Hum TV drama serial Bakhtawar is trending and the reason seems behind it is Yumna Zaidi’s flawless acting.

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Bakhtawar | Drama Review | Hum Tv

It’s a man’s global habitat today and the warfare girls dwelling without a male guide face, specifically in this part of the globe, is an unpleasant reality, that’s brilliantly portrayed inside the drama serial, Bakhtawar presently being aired. The flexible Yumna Zaidi is the principal protagonist, Bakhtawar or Bakhtu; the drama has been penned with the aid of using Nadia Akhtar, directed with the aid of using Shahid Shafaat, and produced with the aid of using Momina Duraid.

The solid additionally consists of Zaviyar Nauman Ejaz, Saqib Sameer, Mizna Waqas, Noreen Gulwani, Shamoon Abbasi, Sunil Shankar, Huma Nawab, and Adnan Shah in key roles.

Ongoing Masterpiece

Bakhtawar is one of those dramas that aired without pre-marketing or excessive promotion. After watching these two episodes, I can say for sure. His first two Bakhtawar episodes were exactly what the doctor ordered. I’ve been waiting for drama like this to air on Hum. Since the network airs at least one of these dramas each season, it’s unconventional and sets itself apart. These two episodes of him in Bakhtawar are fast-paced, meaningful, interesting, and well-written. The casting was great. Yumna stole the show from everyone. Bakhtawar is a beautifully crafted character with a very interesting story. It’s always refreshing to see female-led dramas that challenge preconceived notions. Dramas like this thrive when viewers don’t feel like they’re being tutored during the show. Nadia Akhtar lets her characters tell the story rather than relying on preachy dialogue. In writing these two episodes, the author drew inspiration from at least two of her well-known real-life stories. The premise of the story struck me as very clever as it could evoke a kind of criticism. Most of the time viewers can’t relate to a story like this, so they find it incredulous, but when they see an interview with a real woman who has lived half her life disguised as a man on the streets of Lahore. I can’t. It challenges authors to write fiction that for many may seem far from reality!

Thrilling, Adventurous, Emotional Journey

Bakhtawar’s opening episode does more than just introduce the characters to the viewer. From losing his beloved sister to her father’s mismanagement to losing his only brother to financial hardship, Bakhtawar himself takes the viewer on an unexpected and heart-warming adventure directed by Bakhtawar himself. The exploitation by those who should be protected began from the first episode and lasted until the end. From the beginning, it was clear to the author that Bhaktawar wanted to make a difference against all odds by continuing his education and standing on his own two feet. This scene where his sister told him not to accept his fate was the highlight of the first episode. It made the already determined Bhaktawar even more determined. and played the role of a strong girl who wants to change her destiny, but that particular character wasn’t as well written as that character. I’ve spoken to our writers, and sometimes confuses its power, but I’m glad that’s not the case here! It manifested itself in quick decisions and actions. Aside from Yumna Zaidi’s performance, her transformation couldn’t have been better. She looks younger than ever, which I think was a key requirement for the role. Bakhtawar’s strength is his most important personality trait, but his facial expressions undoubtedly contribute to this impression as they convey his character’s innocence.

Society’s Diplomacy

Another problem of the story which stood out for me have become Bakhtawar’s mother’s assist for her. This mother-daughter duo is a team that I feel is unusual and makes all the difference. Most frequently the mothers in such situations do now not “team up” with their daughters the way Bakhtawar’s mother has. She depended on her daughter more than as quickly and willingly went on the facet of some of her lies as well at the same time as it is suitable for the situation. Bakhtawar did now not pick to run away for her very personal but this has become a few elements she has become doing for every one of them. This makes her journey more considerable and compelling. It moreover gives that heart-warming bit to the story that may have been missing had Bakhtawar left her house on her very personal. Huma Nawab fits the feature perfectly especially because of the reality she did now not whilst quickly overdo any of the emotional scenes. Her typical overall performance has been subtle however it leaves and has an effect on the viewer. Another problem of the story which stimulated me has become that no matter the reality that Bakhtawar has encountered quite a few of those who tried to take gain of her, she has in no way been portrayed as a victim. I located myself rooting for her more than a few elements else.

Never Ending Struggle

And then there was Ahad’s person which broke the monotony and showed that the writer penned this script down with an open mind. The message sent through this person has become that each man is not the same. He helped Bakhtawar even after she rejected his proposal. This person reminded me of Kaamil’s person in Sinf-e-Aahan. We need to appear more such male characters in dramas. Ahad’s feature in the ones first episodes has become the element but pivotal nevertheless. Most of Bakhtawar’s journey centered on how tough it has become for a female to get her easy needs met in a society that has become constantly placed stress and boundaries on her. These have become a few elements that hit home because of the reality most ladies have faced similar situations more than as quickly. By the give up the second episode, Bakhtawar had decided that she could not make her goals come right without hiding her actual gender and identity. This has become sad, especially because Bakhtawar has become so determined to expose herself as a beta and now not a beta!

Final Thoughts

Bakhtawar has an extremely good deal going for it, it can be this season’s Parizaad if it continues moving in advance with the same pace and the content material cloth continues to be as pinnacle as it has become in the one’s episodes. Shahid Shafqat is a skilled director who excels at translating considerable scripts on screen. However, there have been times as soon as I felt that certain aesthetics were regarded as out of place. The bed in Bakhtawar and her mother’s room when they have been staying in her friend’s house and the curtains in their new rented room seemed too stylish and current for the setup that has become being shown. Other than that, the makeovers of the actors have been visually captivating similar to realistic. Also, the one’s episodes have been fashionable the most well-put-together rapid-shifting ones we have got were given seen in a long time. I felt the number one episode have become slightly rushed at the beginning but the second episode had lots to offer as well due to this that the writer is keen to tell the story and had enough content material cloth to keep the site visitors hooked. The premise of the story is brand new, the performances have been on the element and people episodes have been visually captivating as well. The script moreover has a particular motive and meaning, it is a few elements I in my opinion prefer.

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