Breaking News: Pakistan and India on high alert as earthquake threat looms!

Stay prepared, stay safe: Earthquake warning for Pakistan and India!

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Breaking News: Pakistan and India on high alert as earthquake threat looms!

Experts from Turkey, the Middle East, and other regions have issued a warning about the possibility of an earthquake in Pakistan and India within the next 15 days. Although their technique is unknown, these astrologists and geologists are advising the public to take the required safety measures in case of a major seismic event.

The weather service in Pakistan, PakWeather, has claimed that it is unaware of these reports and is unable to verify their veracity. However, the organisation is asking homeowners to take safety precautions to safeguard themselves and their property as well as to be ready for any emergency circumstance.

Residents of both countries are concerned by the warning, especially those who live in earthquake-prone regions. The area has recently been subjected to a number of powerful earthquakes that have significantly damaged the area and claimed lives.

The governments of Pakistan and India have not made any public statements regarding the situation. However, the Pakistani government’s National Disaster Management Authority has released a statement urging inhabitants to be on guard and ready for anything.

It is crucial to understand that predicting earthquakes is a difficult and unreliable science, and many experts advise against depending only on astrology or other non-scientific techniques. In the event of an earthquake, locals are reminded to practise safety precautions and stay informed through official channels.

In conclusion, locals and scientists alike are alarmed by the warning of a probable earthquake in Pakistan and India. Although the veracity of these statements has not been verified, it is always advisable to be ready and take the required preparations in case a natural disaster occurs.

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