Outrage Over Police Brutality: Elderly Woman Abused, Tortured on Road in Sukkur

Video of Incident Goes Viral, Prompting Calls for Action and Justice!

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Outrage Over Police Brutality: Elderly Woman Abused, Tortured on Road in Sukkur

Sindh’s Sukkur – In a horrific incident, a police officer in Sukkur, Sindh, was seen on camera torturing, assaulting, and removing the veil of an old woman. Human rights organisations and the general public have expressed concern over the incident’s viral footage on social media.

Eyewitnesses claim that the woman was being harassed by the unnamed police official at the time of the event for unspecified reasons. The official is seen beating the woman in the video, yelling at her, and yanking off her veil.

Numerous people have condemned the event and called for the police officer to be punished. Many individuals have expressed their fury and demanded justice for the elderly woman on social media.

The event has been denounced by the Sindh police, who have also pledged to punish those responsible. The statement stated that the Sindh police had “zero tolerance for such behavior and will take strong action against the responsible officer.”

This incident serves as a reminder of the need for police reform and improved training to guarantee that law enforcement personnel treat individuals with respect and decency. It serves as a reminder that considerable effort has to be done in Pakistan to end violence against women and safeguard their rights.

The elderly woman has gotten medical care and is apparently in stable health. She has not been identified. The abusers will be brought to justice after an investigation into the matter is completed.

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