Ahsan Aman’s Inspiring Journey as a Google Developer Student Club Leader

Local Problems, Global Solutions: Ahsan Aman's Vision for Technology in Pakistan

Mujtaba Ahmed
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Ahsan Aman's Inspiring Journey as a Google Developer Student Club Leader

One technologically competent developer from Islamabad is applying his knowledge to solve regional issues in Pakistan in a world where technology is developing quickly. An Android software named 5Hazar was created by Ahsan Aman, a former director of the Google Developer Student Clubs in Islamabad, to aid in the identification of counterfeit money and to guard local business owners from being taken advantage of by it.

After hearing tales of shops in his hometown falling for counterfeit money schemes, Ahsan had the concept for 5Hazar. He made the decision to act after realizing the necessity for a device that could rapidly and correctly detect counterfeit money. Ahsan began work on creating an app that could achieve that using his expertise in machine learning and Google tools like TensorFlow and Teachable Machine.

The 5Hazar app scans and finds counterfeit currency using machine learning techniques. Users only need to hold a currency note up to their phone’s camera to use the app; after that, the app will instantly analyze the note and tell if it is real or fraudulent. The app is a useful tool for neighborhood store owners because it offers advice on how to spot fraudulent money notes.

Ahsan’s dedication and hard work have paid off because the 5Hazar app has already received high accolades. Ahsan was not only highlighted by neighborhood media outlets and social media but was also chosen as a finalist for the Google Developer Student Clubs Solution Challenge, a worldwide contest that honours creative technological responses to regional issues.

The triumph of 5Hazar is only the beginning for Ahsan. He intends to keep applying his knowledge to create technological advancements that would benefit people in Pakistan and elsewhere. He asserts, “I think technology has the potential to address many of the issues we confront in our society. And I’m devoted to using my abilities to change things for the better.

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