Jazz Partners with TCF to Digitally Empower Education in Pakistan

Jazz's Digitization Initiative in Collaboration with TCF Aims to Revolutionize Learning Experience for Over 250,000 Students in Pakistan Through Blended Learning and Bilingual Curriculum.

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Jazz Partners with TCF to Digitally Empower Education in Pakistan

Jazz, a prominent digital service provider in Pakistan, has partnered with The Citizens Foundation (TCF) to transform the nation’s educational system. Jazz is utilising technology to help TCF deploy tech-enabled learning throughout 1,800 TCF schools, with an emphasis on empowering over 250,000 students nationwide.

In order to improve data collecting and management for all students, professors, and non-faculty staff members, Jazz has renovated 23 computer labs as part of the programme and implemented a school management app in all TCF campuses. This has made it possible for elementary kids to have a more involved and interesting learning experience through blended learning, which combines online and traditional schooling.

Jazz Partners with TCF to Digitally Empower Education in Pakistan

Jazz has also launched a Digital Literacy Program (DLP) for grades 6 through 8, which is intended to give pupils the skills necessary for the digital age. The digitization project also made it easier to translate textbooks and educational resources for grades 6 and 7 into Urdu, resulting in the creation of a bilingual curriculum and a scripted bilingual lesson plan.

To help with the rollout of the blended learning concept, Jazz has provided 700 Android phones as part of the funding to schools throughout the TCF network. The female teacher training programme, which aims to digitally empower women to take on greater leadership responsibilities and enhance their performance, is also a vital part of the project.

Aamir Ibrahim, CEO of Jazz, said the following about the collaboration: “We are pleased to have worked with TCF on this significant project to digitally transform schools and give children access to the most recent technology. Jazz continues to pool its resources and expertise in order to develop long-term, sustainable solutions and partnerships that benefit both individuals and the larger community. Jazz is motivated by the desire to digitally empower youth and to help the Government of Pakistan realise its vision for Digital Pakistan.”

This collaboration supports the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 4 – Quality Education, 5 – Gender Equality, 9 – Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure, and 10 – Reduced Inequality and is in line with Jazz’s dedication to youth and women empowerment programmes.

With this project, Jazz and TCF are attempting to create a more egalitarian and unified society in Pakistan. Jazz and TCF are setting the example for a better future for Pakistan’s youth by using technology to improve education and empower women.

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