Pakistan’s Swag Kicks Raises $1.2M to Revolutionize Sustainable Fashion

Young and fashion-conscious Pakistanis are offered affordable access to branded fashion products through Swag Kicks.

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Pakistan's Swag Kicks Raises $1.2M to Revolutionize Sustainable Fashion

The Swag Kicks marketplace for eco-friendly clothing in Pakistan has completed a $1.2 million seed round of fundraising. A large number of foreign venture capital firms, including i2i Ventures and Techstars Toronto, CrossFund HongKong, Rose Lake Ventures, i5 Capital, and STAK group, as well as angel investors, took part in the investment.

With its internet portal, Swag Kicks seeks to provide Millennials and Gen-Z Pakistanis with access to previously owned fashion items like shoes, bags, clothing, and accessories that have been cleaned and sanitised. The business wants to take advantage of the expanding secondhand markets in the nation and take the lead in this industry.

Nofal Khan, CEO of Swag Kicks, stated in an interview with Business Recorder that the company’s primary goal is to close the gap for clients looking for branded products by sourcing them internationally and providing them in Pakistan. By doing this, Swag Kicks promotes sustainable fashion methods while giving customers the chance to buy high-end fashion items at a reasonable price.

With the financing, Swag Kicks will be able to grow its business and improve its platform, which gives customers an easy way to browse and buy secondhand clothing. The company’s attempts to promote sustainable fashion methods are in line with the need to minimise waste and the global trend towards environmental awareness.

With the investment round completed, Swag Kicks is prepared to establish itself as a major player in Pakistan’s used clothing market, meeting the requirements of the country’s young, fashion-conscious population while promoting a more sustainable future.

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