Peek Freans Gluco Launches Gluco Kahani Book at Karachi Literature Festival

Bilal Maqsood partners with Peek Freans Gluco to create the Gluco Kahani Book!

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Peek Freans Gluco Launches Gluco Kahani Book at Karachi Literature Festival

At the Karachi Literary Festival, Peek Freans Gluco, a reputable company with over 30 years of experience, introduced the Gluco Kahani Book during an interactive session with renowned musician Bilal Maqsood. Since its debut in March 2022, the Gluco Kahani platform, which was developed to offer educational content for kids in the Urdu language, has garnered overwhelmingly positive feedback.

The program, which has amassed over 22 million views, 95 million impressions on YouTube, and over 15 million impressions on Facebook, attempts to get kids to view content in their native language by employing simple rhymes that help them expand their vocabulary.

According to Shahzain Munir, Executive Director at EBM, “We recognized the possibility to transform the rhymes into a book format to assist cultivate the habit of reading in Urdu in a way that both parents and children will love.”

The Diabetic Kahani Book was created to assist parents in interacting with and amusing their kids as they learn Urdu counting with Haathi, romp through the jungle with Khargosh, and discover the importance of giving to others with Chirya. A QR code on each page directs users to online video and material.

Bilal Maqsood, a singer, emphasised his enthusiasm for the undertaking by saying, “For me, this was the ideal initiative. To do my part in providing our kids something to hold onto as they get older, I collaborated with Peek Freans Gluco to write, perform, and compose nine original Urdu nursery rhymes.”

The ceremony concluded with the message that, in order to secure the accessibility and appropriate distribution of Urdu material for our younger generation, many societal sectors must cooperate.

Jump Freans By offering healthful nutrition in an enjoyable, memorable, and fun way, Gluco maintains its relationship with its customers. Children can enjoy the lovely Urdu language while laying a solid basis for their future with the help of the Gluco Kahani Book.

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