TLP calls for Countrywide Shutter Down Strike Against Inflation

TLP continues to advocate for the rights of the Pakistani people!

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TLP calls for Countrywide Shutter Down Strike Against Inflation

Tehreek-e-Labbaik Pakistan (TLP) has called for a nationwide shutter down strike on February 27. TLP leader Saad Rizvi made the announcement in a statement, claiming that the call for a strike will be backed by people across the nation, especially in Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK). Rizvi continued by saying that the TLP is speaking out for Pakistanis’ rights.

TLP has recently organized multiple protests and demonstrations in opposition to the government’s economic policies. The government, according to the party, is doing little to solve the inflation problem, which has left many Pakistanis struggling to make ends meet.

Businesses and trade activity all around the country are likely to be significantly impacted by the demand for a shutter-down strike. Many cities and towns have significant TLP populations, and these individuals are anticipated to observe the strike call.

Although it has not yet responded to the TLP’s proclamation, the government is probably going to take action to prevent the strike from impairing national law and order. There are worries that the strike might turn violent because the TLP has previously engaged in multiple altercations with law authorities.

The Pakistani government has been extremely concerned about the country’s spiralling inflation in recent months due to the sharp increases in the cost of basic goods including food, petrol, and medications. The administration has attributed the inflation to outside forces such as increasing global oil costs and supply chain interruptions, but detractors have charged that it has not adopted sufficient measures to solve the problem.

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