Aqsa Kausar: Pakistan’s First Female GDE in Machine Learning

Aqsa Kausar has served as a role model for prospective ML enthusiasts in Pakistan by becoming the first GDE!

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Aqsa Kausar: Pakistan's First Female GDE in Machine Learning

The artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning sectors of Pakistan’s technology sector have been gradually growing (ML). In contrast to other nations, the nation has made comparatively little progress in these areas. Despite this, young engineers and scientists in Pakistan are concentrating on AI and ML, which is encouraging for the development of the nation.

Aqsa Kausar has served as a role model for prospective ML enthusiasts in Pakistan by becoming the first Google Development Expert (GDE) in machine learning in Pakistan and the first female GDE in South-East Asia (border region).

Aqsa’s path with machine learning (ML) began during her school years when she developed an interest in imitating human characteristics in machines. Despite having an older sister who works in medicine, Aqsa chose to major in engineering. Aqsa enrolled in the National University of Science and Technology to pursue a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering after completing her science A-levels in physics, chemistry, and mathematics (BSEE). Aqsa, however, had to rely on self-learning to achieve her aim of working in ML because there weren’t many chances in the nation.

Aqsa completed a number of internships and was even placed on a company’s list of “must-hires,” but she was unable to land a position. She finally found employment at a start-up after being unemployed for more than eight months. Aqsa wanted to learn skills that weren’t listed on her resume, though.

Aqsa eventually learned about the Google Developer Program (GDE) and was one of the four Pakistani women chosen to be a GDE in 2021. She has since taken part in a number of tech programmes in Singapore, the Philippines, and other SEA nations. As a speaker and facilitator for workshops and technical lectures, Aqsa has also taken on the role of mentor in Google’s Path to GDE programmes and actively participated in DevFests, International Women’s Day, and Google I/O Extended.

Several young IT enthusiasts in Pakistan get inspiration from Aqsa’s success story. Aqsa intends to guide her team and fresh talent in the proper way with the help of her leadership role at Red Buffer, a firm that provides ML and AI software services and is situated in Islamabad.

Aqsa’s experience serves as a reminder that perseverance, commitment, and self-improvement can go a long way in this business as Pakistan’s IT sector develops. The Google Developer Programs also give prospective developers and engineers a place to showcase their abilities and establish themselves as leaders in the digital sector.

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