MCC Pakistan Report Progress on Gender Equality

The 2022 Progress report measures individual and group initiatives to accelerate gender equality in MCC Pakistan’s organisations.

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MCC Pakistan Report Progress on Gender Equality

Men Advocates for Change Pakistan presented the member organizations’ 2022 results in their first progress report on gender equality. The report emphasizes both solitary and group efforts made to advance gender parity and women’s representation in their workplaces.

The group persisted in pursuing flexible work policies, gender-balanced hiring practices, and a gender-balanced public image. Also, they concentrated on ending sexual harassment, achieving gender pay parity, and holding Listen and Learn sessions about ordinary heroes of change and respect.

The Male Champions of Change Pakistan Group, which seeks to establish varied and welcoming workplaces for women and girls in Pakistan, is dedicated to continuing its efforts toward gender equality in 2023.

Workplace Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives:

The group persisted in its efforts throughout the previous 12 months to support flexible work and return to the workforce, gender-balanced recruitment, and developing a gender-balanced public image. Also, members’ efforts were put towards preventing and combating sexual harassment, comprehending and eliminating gender wage discrepancies, and holding Listen and Learn sessions about common decency and Everyday Champions of Change.

Development of Gender Equality:

With 61.9% of its members having mainstreamed flexible work policies, tools, and technology, the Male Champions of Change Pakistan report demonstrates the group’s considerable strides toward gender equality. In addition, 71.4% of members have programs or policies in place that give all parents flexible access to parental leave.

Improvement in Gender Balance Year-over-Year:

The report also demonstrates year-over-year improvements in gender parity in leadership teams and across all significant measures of the pipeline and representation of leaders. In 2022, members made progress toward achieving gender parity in 47.8% of leadership categories.

Dedication to Gender equality:

In 2023, the Male Champions of Change Pakistan organization is committed to maintaining its efforts to advance gender equality. Their desire to enact change both inside their own businesses and in society is fundamentally reflected in this open reporting on the results of the leadership initiatives they are taking.

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