Infinix’s All-Round FastCharge: The Next Generation Charging Solution

These innovative chargers provide users with flexible, safe, and smart fast charging experiences in all scenarios.

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Infinix's All-Round FastCharge: The Next Generation Charging Solution

Infinix, a leading mobile phone brand, has once again demonstrated its commitment to meeting customers’ changing needs by introducing groundbreaking technology with its latest 260W and 110W Wireless All-Round Fast Chargers. These innovative chargers provide users with flexible, safe, and smart fast charging experiences in all scenarios.

260W All-Round Fast Charger: Lightning-Fast Charging Speeds:

The 260W All-Round Fast Charger is made to charge gadgets at lightning-fast rates. Thanks to a 4-Pump Intelligent Circuit Design that determines power requirements and assigns the necessary number of charge pumps to work, this charger can charge a phone to 25% in one minute and finish a 1-100% charge in 7.5 minutes. The charger uses a cutting-edge triple GaN material PFC + AHB circuit architecture that offers a larger variety of chargeable items, high power density, small size, intelligent and safe charging control, and.

Moreover, the charging cable is built with an Emarker identification chip, capable of carrying currents of up to 13A, which when used in conjunction with Infinix’s unique fast charging protocol, ensures that 260W high-power extreme fast charging is achievable. The updated 12C high-rate 4400mAh battery with a multi-electrode lug construction boosts battery durability and retains more than 90% of its energy after 1,000 cycles. The charger also claims a charging conversion efficiency of up to 98.5%.

110W Wireless All-Round Fast Charger: Unmatched Convenience:

The 110W Wireless All-Round Fast Charger is made to provide users unrivalled convenience. Infinix overcomes conventional architectural constraints, reduces coil internal resistance, lowers phone temperature rise, lengthens peak power charging time, and boosts wireless charging efficiency by using specially made small-sensitive coils that have wider coils in the same space and fewer coils than conventional designs.

Thanks to its twin coil design for both vertical and horizontal charging, this charger can fully charge a phone in just 16 minutes. Also, it has a fan at the base for silent air-cooling, which increases the effectiveness of heat dissipation in places that are generally hot.

All-Round Fast Charge Solution: A Seamless Charging Experience:

The All-Round Quick Charge Solution from Infinix advances charging technology. It provides reverse charging, bypass charging, and multi-protocol charging in addition to wired and wireless fast charging. With wired and wireless dual fast charging, users may get the best possible charging while on the road. Users can also use their phone as a portable charger thanks to the reverse charging feature.

The solution from Infinix has over 140 protection mechanisms and 20 or more temperature sensors, which ensure safe operation even in harsh settings. In order to increase battery life and decrease heat, it also provides intelligent charging and monitoring capabilities including night charging and bypass charging.

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