Naheed Super Market’s Online Platform Hacked

The PII of customers includes sensitive information such as names, addresses, email addresses, and phone numbers.

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Naheed Super Market's Online Platform Hacked, the online storefront of Karachi-based Naheed Hyper Bazaar, has experienced a significant data breach. Customer personally identifiable information (PII) has reportedly been hacked and is now freely downloadable on a dark web forum. Cyber security specialists discovered a 50MB CSV file holding information on 108,000 orders and 23,000 users, which they used to discover the breach.

Sensitive data including names, addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses are included in the PII of customers. Although has not yet released an official statement regarding the breach, cyber security professionals advise users to be on the lookout for any unusual behaviours involving their personal data.

This is not the first data leak that a Pakistani retailer has experienced. Numerous significant stores have been the target of cyber attacks in recent years, underscoring the necessity for the nation to adopt greater cyber security measures. As more companies go online, it is crucial that they put cyber security first to safeguard the information of their clients.

All online merchants should assess their cyber security procedures in light of this compromise to make sure that client data is protected from potential dangers.

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