Overcoming “Tech Shame” in the Workplace

This tendency has been recognised and given the moniker "tech shame" by the IT giant HP.

Mujtaba Ahmed
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Overcoming "Tech Shame" in the Workplace

Our expectations for how adept we are at using technology change along with it. Being digital proficient is frequently taken for granted when Gen Zers first enter the job. Nonetheless, this presumption might cause “tech Shame” while using some common office supplies, such scanners and printers.

This tendency has been recognised and given the moniker “tech shame” by the IT giant HP. Despite their confidence in using apps and displays, The Guardian says that many young people are feeling intimidated when it comes to using these technologies.

This can cause humiliation and aggravation, especially when more experienced coworkers seem to use the same equipment with ease. But it’s crucial to keep in mind that everyone has their own specialties, so just because someone has trouble with one technology doesn’t mean they can’t master others.

By giving their staff the necessary training and resources, employers can reduce the feeling of “tech shame” among their workforce. They can also promote a culture of learning and development in which it’s OK to ask questions and get assistance when necessary.

In general, it’s crucial to understand that technology is continuously changing and that we can all learn new things. Regardless of our age or degree of experience, we should embrace opportunities to increase our knowledge and abilities rather than feeling ashamed of what we don’t know.

Source: The Guardian
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