Bazaar Launches B2B Distribution Platform “Bazaar Prime” in Pakistan

Bazaar has raised more than $100 million in venture capital!

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Bazaar Launches B2B Distribution Platform "Bazaar Prime" in Pakistan

The leading B2B e-commerce site in Pakistan, Bazaar, has introduced Bazaar Prime, an exclusive distribution channel for manufacturers and suppliers to the retail sector. Bazaar is the top tech-enabled distributor in the nation, offering supply chain products to retailers and manufacturers in more than 50 cities and towns. Bazaar has raised more than $100 million in venture capital. Brands can place orders on Bazaar Prime 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with more coverage, access to more markets, real-time data insights, and cost-effectiveness. Strategic alliances between Bazaar Prime and well-known companies like Philip Morris, Reckitt, and PepsiCo bottlers have already been established.

Co-founder of Bazaar Hamza Jawaid claims that “For brands looking to increase their market penetration and distribution, Bazaar Prime is a game-changer. By taking advantage of this relationship, brands may access a multitude of tools and services that help them streamline operations, expand their consumer base, and ultimately spur business success.”

In Pakistan, Bazaar is extending its network to more than 100 cities and towns, allowing retail companies to boost their visibility and serve underserved audiences. Brands will be able to expand more quickly across Pakistan thanks to Bazaar’s entry into the distribution market, and the company will also be able to firmly establish its place in Pakistan’s enormous B2B retail industry. According to Ahmed Siyadat, the managing director of Bazaar Retail, “We are unparalleled in our ability to build up a tech-enabled exclusive distribution quickly and effectively. We are present throughout Pakistan, from Mardan to Khairpur, and with Bazaar Prime, our partners can take use of our experience to significantly scale their operations.”

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