Green Entertainment Releases Trailer for Upcoming Pakistani Series ‘Kabli Pulao’

"Kabli Pulao" represents Pakhtun culture and social values.

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Green Entertainment Releases Trailer for Upcoming Pakistani Series 'Kabli Pulao'

Kabli Pulao’s trailer has been made available by Green Entertainment, a well-known entertainment channel in Pakistan. The show’s original plot examines the bond between two people who aren’t the same age or culture but who nonetheless come to appreciate and love one another. Sabeena Farooq and Mohammed Ehteshamuddin are the leads in the programme, which is produced by Q & K Production in collaboration with Multiverse Entertainment. Nadia Afgan and Abdullah Farhatullah also appear as Shamim and Baran Afghani, respectively, while Nadia Afgan plays Haji Mushtaq.

This project represents Pakhtun culture and societal ideals and was written by Zafar Mairaj and directed by Kashif Nisar. As the characters mature and advance in their relationships, it emphasises how choices can affect one’s life and presents sentiments of respect, love, and understanding. The programme shows how people develop and become able to uphold their obligations.

Imran Raza, COO of Green Entertainment, commented on the release of the trailer by saying, “We intend to revolutionise Pakistani television content and bring it up to par with international standards. To accomplish that, we painstakingly craft every episode of our series. Shows like Kabli Pulao provide us the chance to explore new narratives that people will enjoy while also giving us the chance to portray cultural values in a fresh way. We hope that people may relate to and enjoy our stories.

Producer Qaiser Ali, remarked, “It is our ultimate desire to improve production quality throughout Pakistan, and I feel that Green Entertainment has given us this fantastic opportunity through its show. Since the storyline was so potent, in addition to the production’s thorough execution, Kabli Pulao will undoubtedly be a treat for our fans.

The mission of Green Entertainment is to transform society through innovative and believable TV content in order to become Pakistan’s leading, original, and aspirational entertainment channel. The test broadcast aired on April 28. Don’t miss the thrilling adventure of Barbeena and Haji Mushtaq in the upcoming Green Entertainment film Kabli Pulao.

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