Pakistan’s Economy Suffers due to Mobile Internet Shutdown

Careem, InDrive, FoodPanda Users Among Those Who Experience Earnings Loss from Mobile Internet Shutdown in Pakistan

Mujtaba Ahmed
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Pakistan's Economy Suffers due to Mobile Internet Shutdown

There have been considerable losses for telecom companies, the government, and the populace as a result of the recent suspension of mobile broadband services in Pakistan. According to reports, telecom companies have lost an estimated Rs. 820 million in revenue, and the government has lost an estimated Rs. 287 million in tax revenue.

The suspension has also had an impact on people who rely on digital apps, such Careem, InDrive, FoodPanda, and others, causing a considerable loss in wages and a halt to digital payments. Additionally, because data services have been suspended, daily data bundle consumers are also losing out because they are unable to activate any bundles.

The issue has brought about significant hardship and annoyance for the general public, necessitating quick action from the relevant authorities to resume data services. Aamir Ibrahim, CEO of Jazz, commented on the situation and emphasised that shutting down the internet is not a solution because it causes more issues than it resolves. He emphasised that while the economic devastation is quantifiable, the discomfort to people cannot be calculated.

After protests broke out in response to the arrest of former prime minister Imran Khan, services were disrupted. Mobile users in numerous cities, including Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Lahore, and Karachi, have experienced service disruptions. There have been reports of service interruptions on all of the major mobile networks in the nation.

It is critical to realise that the discontinuation of mobile internet services will have a significant impact on the economy, businesses, and people. To minimise the losses and annoyance to the general public, the government must take action to ensure the quick resume of data services.

It is clear that the discontinuation of mobile broadband services had a negative influence on Pakistan’s economy, causing telecom companies, the government, and people to suffer considerable losses. Prioritising the restart of data services is crucial to minimising the interruption and averting further harm to the populace and economy.

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